This is rather late on a Sunday, isn’t it?  Barely Sunday at all really.  I spent all day at work, sometimes a twelve hour Sunday shift is unavoidable.  The skies were this colour all day, it was lovely.  There’s definitely a nip in the air and I am all kinds of ready to welcome Autumn.

I’m going to wear the hell out of this before it’s too cold though, I’m a big big fan of black and white and huge prints and rather love the strange side fashion for oversize shirt dresses – also, I love it with my dork glasses!

Also, the city was host to The Great North Run.  Fifty seven thousand runners pegging it for charities.  The Partner in Crime’s father ran and I can honestly say I was really proud.  Which feels strange, but is true.

I need to say a big thank you to Angie, writer of the inspirational Indulge Your Inner Foodie and Natascha of the excellent blog Natascha’s Place (she has a bear named Flaubert, which I think is the coolest name for a bear.  Ever).
They have both very kindly nominated me for blogging awards. Natascha for the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers award (which I received just as I was losing my groove at the end of May) and Angie for the Blogger Recognition and Liebster awards.  Two prolific blogs who are genuinely among my regular blog reads.  I am honored and grateful to them both.  It’s a lovely fuzzy feeling to be a part of a blogging community.  Go give them some love.

And now it’s late.  Real late.  I’m drinking rooibos tea and eating crumpets with more butter than crumpet.  I had a lovely week, I can say that honestly.  Archie-cat is bunny kicking a catnip carrot – we all foodies here – and I’m back in my pyjamas ..And I read PostSecret along with 2,351 other folks.

Come on next week, let’s see what you’re made of!



It’s Sunday, we made it!  How was your week?  Mine was actually pretty good, somehow I am exhausted though.  But it’s pyjama day, and Archie Cat has the right idea (and the dirtiest little nose).

I don’t know about you guys but I have a little Sunday ritual/routine.  It’s not steadfast, it does not go against the flow of a flowing, carefree, no plans, relaxing Sunday.  Just a few things I listen to/read/catch up on/do. Let’s share..

..I will always listen to Cerys Matthews’ show at 10am on Radio 6 music.. Listen here

..I never fail to read Post Secret at some point on Sunday, and I always refresh the page when I hit the counter at the bottom to see how many people were reading it with me (today there were 499 of us).

..I make breakfast.  Not cereal, not half burnt hurry toast, not cold pizza.  Breakfast which involves the oven and a saucepan or two.  Because I have the time and breakfast is delicious and is one of my favourite food groups and can really be eaten at any time of day. Really.

..I have a ten minute tidy up spree.  Just ten minutes, it makes all the difference for me.  I cannot relax if.. the work bags are still lying in wait.  Or if the crossword we got frustrated with the night before and threw across the room is still on the floor (yes, we’re children). Or other little tiny things like that.  No big cleaning, just a gathering of the week and setting it to rights.

See?  Hardly a plan of action at all, just a few steps that have evolved over the years and stuck.

I found this video yesterday, it’s affirmation from a wiser generation about what I’ve been feeling lately.. too much pressure.  Go on and have a watch.. #LetGo

The layering has begun!  I bought this waterfall cape and have hardly taken it off.  Must be love.

Time to look after my skin for winter, there are many dishes in my job, so I have a two pronged attack when my hands start to crack (really) Carmex on the actual cracks and the driest areas and then Neutrogena Concentrate all over, especially for bed time.  I’ve tried tons of super expensive products but always come back to these two.  I can’t cope otherwise.

Gin!  There is always time for gin, here’s seventeen times to try from the NY times, I’m going for the Basil Gimlet and The Fountain of Youth (Aviation is my middle name..) Seventeen Gin Cocktails

Lets have a cuppa and a chat..



I’ve been away for a little while, haven’t I?  I don’t like to talk about personal things here – this is where the food happens.  But food is a big part of life and how I’m feeling affects my cooking and eating habits.  If it effects mine, then it probably does yours, too.

I’ve had a wobbly few months where work and family pressures all built up and became too much.  I’m normally pretty good at shouldering stuff but when so much of it comes along at once I’m not so good.  Guess I got a little bit swallowed up there.

It made me realise just how easy it is to forget the truly important things when the every day feels like you’re wading through pea soup – y’all know I’ve got a recipe for that – and that your own small world is coming to get you.

When things get a bit bumpy, don’t forget to do the things that make you happy.  The things you do for you.  Yeah, there will be days when you don’t want to get out of bed let alone muster the energy to do something that isn’t paying your bills – no matter how much you love it. But you will.  We will.  We’ll get out of bed – even if it’s just because we have no one to cover our shift at work and we don’t get sick pay, but we will, and it will get easier.  I promise.  The fog will dissipate and inspiration will come back.

My Partner in Crime reminds me often – and which I should magic marker to my forehead – “Care about things that matter”.  That can seem a pretty big ask when so much is going on in your mind that you can’t quiet it.  When you’re being squeezed from all angles and when you’re a tired emotional wreck.  After some time, going through the motions and staying afloat, things do seem easier.  You begin to see the problems from other angles and you begin to see ways through them.  I’m left wondering what I became so anxious about – hard to see it when you’re in it though.

So.  I’m going to care about things that matter and take my Wellwoman multivitamins, cause folks – those things work wonders!

*  Yes, I planted ferns in a toilet bowl.