Rachel in the kitchen

I’m a thirty something home cook in Newcastle up in the North East of England.  I love to eat and I love to feed people.

I’ve been working in the service industry for over ten years, hanging out in professional kitchens bugging and interrogating the chefs.  Turns out, if you annoy folks with genuine interest and enthusiasm for long enough they take you under their wing.

We have a very small kitchen, but that’s okay.  It does everything I demand of it.  It isn’t special, it has very few modern gadgets.  We don’t even have a microwave, just a gas hob and a fan oven.  I stole my mother’s old Kenwood mixer about seven years ago and refuse to return it.

I don’t have a lot of time so I don’t cook lengthy recipes but I do love really good interesting food so I’ve had to work a way around it all.  If that’s you too then come follow me, we can do all this together!


39 thoughts on “Rachel in the kitchen

  1. Hi there! Thanks for liking my blog post.

    “I’m not crazy about healthy eating but I do try to be conscious of the way food affects my body.”
    You completely captured my own attitude about food and cooking, too! I’m pretty lazy about cooking, too. I’ll check out some of your recipes and give them a try! Thanks. 🙂

    talk to me at ohtheplacesyoullblog.com

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  2. Yes, you have the kind of food blog that I was trying to comically “emulate” not so successfully with my Cinco de mayo post. Just beautiful pics. I admire how you do it. And with a small kitchen too! I will look further on.

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      1. Thanks. I realize I have my limits and culinary skills and taking pics of beautiful and edible dishes are not in them. I will leave that to the experts such as yourself :).


  3. Thank you so much for stoping by my blog and taking the time to hit the “little like button.” I hope you continue coming back and enjoy my new found love of cooking. I am also grateful that your trip to my blog allowed me to find yours. Love you pictures 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting better with my shots.


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      1. Thank you so much. It’s so new and not much to see but I have a vision :). So glad you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far.


  4. Hi Rachel,

    Are you based in London now? How did you go about starting your supper club? I’d really like to get involved in something like that but have no idea how to. Is there a supper club union I could join 🙂

    Sam x

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    1. Hey Sam,
      I’m not in London, still up North, along with all the rain apparently! If there is a supper club union or such like I don’t know about it. I spent a good few many hours researching them online. I’m getting a lot of questions about the supper club so I’m working on a post with more details. I’ve got a list of links I found valuable (somewhere) which will hopefully shine a light on it for a few folks.
      Thanks 🙂


  5. Hi Rachel

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to visit yours, I’m new to blogging so exciting to gets visits from people other than family and friends! I’m trying to steal my mothers Kenwood mixer without any luck, hoping to find one in an op shop!

    Looking forward to trying some of you recipes.


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  6. Hey Rachel,

    Thanks so much for checking my page Kids Cooking Healthy and liking the beef & veggie stir-fry. Seeing as you love whip up quick and simple recipes, perhaps you would like to be a guest blogger on my site? Maybe provide an easy and tasty recipe that you think would be a hit with the kids.

    I really like your food styling, your pictures are clean, fresh and you’ve captured them in perfect lighting. I also really like the way your recipes read set out, clear and easy to follow.

    It would be an honour to have you featured 🙂

    xx Leah


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