This is rather late on a Sunday, isn’t it?  Barely Sunday at all really.  I spent all day at work, sometimes a twelve hour Sunday shift is unavoidable.  The skies were this colour all day, it was lovely.  There’s definitely a nip in the air and I am all kinds of ready to welcome Autumn.

I’m going to wear the hell out of this before it’s too cold though, I’m a big big fan of black and white and huge prints and rather love the strange side fashion for oversize shirt dresses – also, I love it with my dork glasses!

Also, the city was host to The Great North Run.  Fifty seven thousand runners pegging it for charities.  The Partner in Crime’s father ran and I can honestly say I was really proud.  Which feels strange, but is true.

I need to say a big thank you to Angie, writer of the inspirational Indulge Your Inner Foodie and Natascha of the excellent blog Natascha’s Place (she has a bear named Flaubert, which I think is the coolest name for a bear.  Ever).
They have both very kindly nominated me for blogging awards. Natascha for the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers award (which I received just as I was losing my groove at the end of May) and Angie for the Blogger Recognition and Liebster awards.  Two prolific blogs who are genuinely among my regular blog reads.  I am honored and grateful to them both.  It’s a lovely fuzzy feeling to be a part of a blogging community.  Go give them some love.

And now it’s late.  Real late.  I’m drinking rooibos tea and eating crumpets with more butter than crumpet.  I had a lovely week, I can say that honestly.  Archie-cat is bunny kicking a catnip carrot – we all foodies here – and I’m back in my pyjamas ..And I read PostSecret along with 2,351 other folks.

Come on next week, let’s see what you’re made of!

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