Lets have a cuppa and a chat..



I’ve been away for a little while, haven’t I?  I don’t like to talk about personal things here – this is where the food happens.  But food is a big part of life and how I’m feeling affects my cooking and eating habits.  If it effects mine, then it probably does yours, too.

I’ve had a wobbly few months where work and family pressures all built up and became too much.  I’m normally pretty good at shouldering stuff but when so much of it comes along at once I’m not so good.  Guess I got a little bit swallowed up there.

It made me realise just how easy it is to forget the truly important things when the every day feels like you’re wading through pea soup – y’all know I’ve got a recipe for that – and that your own small world is coming to get you.

When things get a bit bumpy, don’t forget to do the things that make you happy.  The things you do for you.  Yeah, there will be days when you don’t want to get out of bed let alone muster the energy to do something that isn’t paying your bills – no matter how much you love it. But you will.  We will.  We’ll get out of bed – even if it’s just because we have no one to cover our shift at work and we don’t get sick pay, but we will, and it will get easier.  I promise.  The fog will dissipate and inspiration will come back.

My Partner in Crime reminds me often – and which I should magic marker to my forehead – “Care about things that matter”.  That can seem a pretty big ask when so much is going on in your mind that you can’t quiet it.  When you’re being squeezed from all angles and when you’re a tired emotional wreck.  After some time, going through the motions and staying afloat, things do seem easier.  You begin to see the problems from other angles and you begin to see ways through them.  I’m left wondering what I became so anxious about – hard to see it when you’re in it though.

So.  I’m going to care about things that matter and take my Wellwoman multivitamins, cause folks – those things work wonders!

*  Yes, I planted ferns in a toilet bowl.

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