I might be quiet but I’m still eating..

Tea and Double Chocolate Banana Bread

I’m in that stage of being almost ill, where body is tired and head stuffy.  The weather, too, is struggling to launch itself into Springtime, the sun is shining at the minute but it’s still quite cold.  And windy!  It’s a wonder the snowdrops have kept their heads.

This morning, well.. it’s just after eleven a.m. here and I’m still in my ‘jamas.  I sleepily stuffed in that slab of Smitten Kitchen’s excellent Double Chocolate Banana Bread pictured up there and my tea is half drunk and now cold.  I am apparently unable to complete a cup of tea before the temperature plummets.

Dinner on Wednesday night was built on a desire to have one of the Pasta’n’Sauce packets without actually having to eat it.  No MSG for me thank-you-very-much.  Instead it was baked pasta with cauliflower, kale and leeks with a roasted broccoli cheese sauce.  Sounds complicated but from turning on the oven to washing up the dishes while it baked it wasn’t longer than 35 minutes – including time for the oven to heat up!

Parmesan roasted broccoli

There have also been meatballs with marinara and a plain but still awesome banana bread, soups and many instances of velvety scrambled or poached eggs with piquant avocado on sour dough.

Poached egg on avocado with sourdough toast

Phew! Just got the weekend to get through!

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