Book Review: New York Cult Recipes from Marc Grossman

New York Cult Recipes

Beautiful, ain’t it?  My Partner in Crime bought this on a whim after I “Ooohed” and “Aahhed” over it in Waterstones.  We’d nipped in for a cuppa cause we like to be surrounded by books (nerds!) and their cafe is near the cooking section (natch!).   I pulled a bunch of exciting looking tomes from the shelves and flipped through them while we slurped and did the crossword.  I don’t remember which ones I grabbed because they weren’t what I was looking for.  This one was the only book that really interested me.NY-cult-recipes-inside-cover

I can be a little bit of a food snob, I admit it, but at the end of it all food for me is a connector.  We all need to eat to live, let’s enjoy it and try to be a bit responsible with it.  It’s been a sociable event throughout the ages.  It brings people together in all kinds of ways and it can be a source of comfort when things go pear shaped.
So, for me, I like a book that has it’s feet firmly on the ground.  Engaging to read with ingredients I am able to purchase and can do so without breaking the bank or flying half way around the world – let’s face it that last bit is pretty much done for us, I have access to an amazing array of foodstuffs and whilst I realise it comes at a carbon price I am very grateful, so is my tummy!NY-cult-recipes-chapter-page

This book has only made it to bed once (I like to read food in bed, I know you do too) but even so it’s a gem that I just can’t stop flicking through, pawing at and seeking inspiration from.  Right now I don’t have a lot of spare time so the bagels will have to wait.  But there are many recipes which aren’t so time consuming and they’re really good solid recipes built on flavour bases with depth which makes all the difference in the end (it’s the “Brown food tastes better” theme).  NY-cult-recipes-hash-browns

The way it’s laid out is a little odd, and perhaps not entirely intuitive for me but that’s only because I don’t tend to eat donuts for breakfast or have a filled bagel for elevenses.  Doesn’t matter.  NY-cult-recipes-inside-back-cover

It’s also really interesting to see what counts as New York cult food from someone as passionate about food as they are about New York.  These recipes are life glue, they’ll fuel your body for day to day life and become comforting family favourites.  NY-cult-recipes-back-cover

I don’t buy a lot of cook books – they’re expensive and the internet is an amazing resource – BUT I am sooo glad this one came home.

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