Blood Orange Curd

blood-oranges-cut (1)Guys, it’s been one of those weeks two of those weeks. I just don’t know what happened. Every time I set out to cook something or to bake something I managed to sabotage it.

I’d been lusting over the blood oranges in season and was determined to make a *deep breath* double-stuffed-blood-orange-meringue-pie-with-a-pistachio-biscuit-base-and-tall-Italian-meringue (scented with orange blossom water). I made it, and it was a thing of beauty, but I was impatient. An hour after it was out of the oven I unclicked the ring of the tin – because I didn’t want any biscuity sides on my pie – and lifted it away to watch the still hot and absolutely not set filling slide outwards. I was too angry to cry.


blood-orange-juice (1)

I absolutely stuffed in a few hot forkfuls in the hopes that it would taste the way I hoped (it did!).

The week went on and I didn’t feel like cooking anything when I got home – let alone trying to photograph it in the late afternoon in a basement flat.
(The idea of wrestling with low lighting just made me sink into the sofa).

blood-orange-curd-saucepan (1)

Then last week I sat down with a wonderful woman I work with. We’ve been saying for six months how we should run a Supper Club because we love to cook, love to feed people and are constantly disappointed by restaurants within our price range.

We’re going for it! We’re doing a Portuguese supper club and it’s given me the kick up the rear I needed to leave my pity party and get back in the kitchen!

set-blood-orange-curd (1)

Portuguese dessert prep has begun and as a result I have a multitude of egg yolks hanging around, but what to do with my hoard of blood oranges? Curd of course! To fend off this typically British spring weather.

blood-orange-curd-kiln-jar3 (1)

blood-orange-curd-kiln-jar (1)

Blood Orange Curd

Makes approximately 1 cup – I doubled it

3 blood oranges
1/4 cup of sugar
5 egg yolks
113g butter

Zest and juice all the oranges.
Put everything in a small saucepan.
Put it on a low heat, whisk constantly and watch it like a hawk.
As soon as it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon and leave a line in, it’s done!
Pack it up and let it cool.
I ate mine on digestive biscuits. It was one of those days!

14 thoughts on “Blood Orange Curd

  1. Hey guys,
    I have a secret – this was the first time I’d ever eaten a blood orange. Yeah, I’ve had flavoured drinks and juices but biting the orange is different, no?! They’re awesome, I love that they’re a bit on the sharp side. Lush.

    Bree, you’re in Aus? I’m not sure if you can grab it from your local supermarket just yet, I think your blood orange season is August to October. Over here in the UK they’re in season and I STILL had to hunt them down! You could substitute orange oranges (I’d use less sugar) or another citrus fruit, just be sure to adjust the sugar if they’re sweet or sour!


  2. Sorry for your failed *deep breath* double-stuffed-blood-orange-meringue-pie-with-a-pistachio-biscuit-base-and-tall-Italian-meringue (scented with orange blossom water)… being an impatient sort of person myself I can highly relate to your kitchen disaster 🙂 Please tell me you will give it another go – it sounds soooo good. On another note, I love, love,love curds and this one sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Goodness, this looks lovely! I adore curd, and wish I lived in Britain so I could join your supper club and have a taste 🙂 Thank you for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (


  4. Ah, great. I made some lemon curd a few weeks ago (and put it in the middle of a Victorian sponge with clotted cream – good), but yes, as there are Spanish blood oranges available here in the UK at moment I was thinking about using them for curd too. Thanks for the recipe.

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