Silver Dollar Pancakes


I’m better late than never, right?

I was pretty excited that Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day!) fell on my day off.  So excited that I didn’t even manage to have pancakes.  I know – such unbidden excitement is a rare and annoying, disappointing beautiful thing.

It’s ok.  I just had them for breakfast today instead when everyone else had gone back to boring Weetabix. Hah.

There are many pancake recipes out there.  A hoard, if you will (and that’s a lot), but  I just can’t bring myself to make the flat dense English pancakes.  Can’t and won’t.  They will always be American Hotcakes in my house.

When I was younger (over twenty years ago), it would be a ‘treat’ supper for me, which meant an easy one for my Mama.  A stack of fat fluffy hotcakes with crispy bacon, maple syrup and extra butter.  We never really had them for breakfast, that’s become my adult waking ‘treat’.  Particularly if I sneak in some chocolate chips and a banana.

They don’t take any special ingredients.  You can sour the milk, or use buttermilk if you like.  Sometimes I do, today I didn’t.  Everything else will be in residence in your kitchen cupboards.  The best way to cook them is in a cast iron frying pan with bravery – no oil and no butter!  I imagine a non-stick Teflon magic frying pan would work, I just don’t own one.

Pancake batter in the pan

The Silver Dollar part refers to the size of them, one serving spoon of batter (two tablespoons) make one pancake.  They’re dainty and because of this you can have a piled high stack and feel special without complaining of carb overload.  Of course you can make them larger, make them as big as you can handle!  I’m not a tosser I’m afraid, I can barely move the cast iron pan around the kitchen let alone making it loop-the-loop with my wrist.

Flipped silver dollar pancakes

I have a feeling that this well used family recipe came from a 1950’s copy of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  It is about three inches thick and has a red gingham print on the cover.  It’s such a battered copy, but it’s a wonderful cook book.  No messing around, it wins with every recipe.




I got 26 silver dollar sized pancakes from this

1 1/4 cup of plain flour
2.5 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
4 tbsp caster sugar (make it 1 if you don’t want them a little sweet. More if you want them really sweet)
1 cup of milk
1 beaten egg
2 tbsp vegetable oil

Mixed berries and honey

Put your cast iron pan on low to warm up. If it goes higher it will be too hot because they really hold the heat! Other pans I’d say medium to low – better be on the safe side.

Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk it around to remove any lumps.

Mix together the wet stuff and make sure the egg is well incorporated.

Add the wet to the dry – mix it gently until the dry ingredients are wet.  Do not worry about lumps, and for God’s sake don’t beat it until it’s smooth!  The pancakes will come out like rubber.  Yuck.

Add serving spoons of batter to the pan, I managed to fit three or four in mine at once.

Wait for a few bubbles to appear, with a fish slice/flipper lift an edge gently to see if it’s nicely brown.  Mine took just over a minute on the first side.

Flip them over one by one and give them another minute.  You can always lift to peek at their progress.

I stacked mine up with a little honey and a berry or two between each and threw some extra honey on top and berries on the side for good measure.

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