Smothered Potatoes. Southern old school cooking.

Sometimes I don’t want plain boiled potatoes.  If I’m not using the oven for anything else I’m not going to put it on just to make roasted potatoes, however excellent they are and however much I would love them to be a diet staple.

I still want them to be full of flavour but I don’t want to invest much more effort than I would to boil them.  This is when I turn to smothering.  The act of cooking something with onions and stock.

Recently this was a no brainer accompaniment to simple peppered steak with greens.

At the end of the recipe is the trick I do with some raw cooking chorizo for a speedy one pot wonder.

Served three people with leftovers which I put into Mushroom Soup.

1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
1 sliced onion
2 500g bags of tiny new potatoes kept whole
500ml chicken stock from a Kallo stock cube – of course you could use vegetable stock.

Into a big pan put the butter and olive oil on a medium heat to melt and mingle.
Add the sliced onions and coat them with the oil, let them cook for about five minutes while you wash and clean the potatoes.
Throw in the potatoes and coat them with the onions and oils. Give them a few minutes while you boil the kettle for the stock.
Put the cube in with the potatoes then pour in boiling water.
Now. I like to reduce the stock so by the end of their cooking time there is an intense ‘gravy’ in the pan, so I boil them without a lid.
If by the time you have a thickish gravy your potatoes aren’t cooked, add a little more boiling water until they are.


I have, on occasion, added a sliced red pepper, 1 tsp fennel seeds and some chunks of cooking chorizo in with the onions and then proceeded the same way. The chorizo stays moist and colours the dish, adding its paprika gloss and smoky flavour. Delicious with a sharply dressed green salad to cut through the oils.


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