Goat’s Cheese with Blossom Honey and Cracked Black Pepper


It’s my day off.  I’ve not really done anything, but that’s what they’re for.. aren’t they?  Shift work makes daily life run differently.  That’s what I’m telling myself.

It’s raining, I need to run to the local supermarket for dinner supplies but it’s raining.

I needed a snack.  Something to tide me over while I work up the stones to go out in the cold and wet.  I had some crackers in the cupboard and a packet of soft goat’s cheese lurking in the fridge.  I’d been reading a few food magazines lately and more than one of them mentioned cheese with honey.  I scoffed at this because it’s such a simple thing and surely everyone knows that should you pick the right cheese then that combination is delicious.  Everyone knows.

So why am I not doing it more often?  I don’t know.  But it was perfect.  Tangy goat’s cheese drizzled with lightly flavoured blossom honey and a few grindings of pepper on top.  That’s all it is, and it is good.   Go to it!

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