Sweetcorn Hash with Avocado and Eggs

I woke up hungry.  Who am I kidding? I always wake up hungry.  But I got up late, so late in fact that I had to turn breakfast into a late lunch. Also, this was January 2nd so I only had the mountain of food I’d gathered on New Year’s Eve.

I really wanted sweetcorn. But I couldn’t be bothered (!) making sweetcorn fritters. I wanted crispy potato but couldn’t be bothered (!) making hash browns. Something was wrong, food would help.

Scrabbling around the fridge and cupboards I came up with four new potatoes needing to be used, avocados, eggs, a small packet of parma ham, canned corn, onions, a lime, and coriander. This is what happened next.

Serves two hungry people.

Into a warm cast iron fry pan I added some butter and some olive oil. I tossed in the four new potatoes which I’d cut into sixteenths, basically no bigger than 1 inch cubed.
I added a chopped onion and let them begin to brown over a high heat.
While they were cooking my partner in crime scooped out two avocados and mashed them up with a little salt, some lime and about 2 tablespoons of chopped coriander.
I sliced up the ham into fat pieces – they’re only thin after all – and lay them over the onions and potatoes, tucking the fat down to touch the bottom of the pan so it could crisp up and render out some flavour.
By now the potatoes were nicely brown and the onions had lost their raw edge. I chucked in a small can of corn and let it warm through.
I divided the corn hash between two plates, wiped out the pan and poured in some fresh rapeseed oil.
In went two eggs to gently fry for a runny yolk.
One egg on each mound of hash with delicious avocado on the side.


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