Salad Dressing Steak

It was New Year’s Day and instead of fixing beef wellington, or another time consuming roast, we opted for steak. Delicious charred pink protein.
On New Year’s Eve I waded my way through last minute foragers in the local grocer’s, I did the same in Waitrose and returned home to stuff everything in the fridge before going to work at 4pm. No way was I going to carry it all home drunk after a seven hour shift and that’s even if I remembered to take it. I was sure I had everything for a fast New Year’s feeding.

Except peppercorns.

On Sunday 21st December I had cooked Christmas dinner for the “Work Family”. Food to feed sixteen and two vegetarians. Of course I had to brine the turkey, and so used all the peppercorns.

No big deal? Normally in our house we’ll rub the steak with a little oil and blanket bomb it with coarsely ground pepper. And I was out.

So. I poked around the cupboard for something that wouldn’t take time to construct but could work magic whilst the steaks came to room temperature. Salad dressing. It contains pepper! and vinegar and oils and other lovely things which not only help to tenderize the steak but sweeten when seared. Yes, there’s salt in there which isn’t ideal but I had no peppercorns!
But it’s not just any bottled salad dressing, you see, we DIY but I happen to have an addiction to Newman’s Own. Really. I’ll drink it from the bottle if left unsupervised.
Anyway. We doused the cold steaks in maybe.. three tablespoons of Newman’s Own Italian Dressing. Rubbed it in and left them to come round.
When the chill had gone they were introduced to a really hot cast iron grill pan – so hot you can’t hover your hand over it for long – for two minutes each side. Served with rosemary puy lentils (for luck!), crispy potatoes and lemony greens. Excellent.

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