A Bit About Coffee

I manage a coffee bar and it’s back to work for me, so I’m thinking about coffee. It’s the beginning of the year and I’m preoccupied with all of the things that come around when Spring is on it’s way. I’m aware that the UK is just coming into it’s Winter peak but I always want to push for Spring – my favourite.

It brings luscious ferns, new irises and lighter jackets. Flowers come back and everything starts over with bright enthusiasm. I think that’s where the Orange Blossom and Bergamot Pound Cake came from.

The coffee bar where I work is host to many multinationals. We have a dedicated team of Libyans and Syrians who spend time with us every single day that we’re open – we only close two days per year.
We’re good friends and every now and then when we get the chance to have a proper chat they’ll tell me something about the coffee at home.
Recently we were gifted a small bottle of perfumed liquid. I was half tempted to dab it on my pulse points but instead was instructed that it’s use was one or two drops in their coffee cup or as a weak dilution in the water which is always freely available to coffee drinkers.
The perfumed liquid was orange blossom water! Beautiful. I’d never thought to add it to coffee, although I really should. It’s widely used alongside rose water and cardamom and other heady exotic flavours – cardamom and coffee is an extremely good match then why not the blossom water.

Maybe it’s time for an orange blossom coffee cake?


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